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2.4: Solarpunk Music to Inspire Action with Thomas Cannon

On today’s episode, Ariel talks with Thomas Cannon about solarpunk music and his new album MESH NETWORK. What was the inspiration behind this work of solarpunk ambient music? What is solarpunk music, anyway, and how can it help us today to create the just, sustainable, and equitable future that we all want to live in? Join us for a discussion of the album tracks, artwork, instruments, the process of collaborative music-making, and more. Listen to the episode here:

The unedited transcript of this podcast is publicly available at our Patreon.


You can stream or buy MESH NETWORK at; bundled with the album purchase are the liner notes for each track as well as a beautiful art book.

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You can find and follow Thomas Cannon on his Bandcamp profile and at his personal website,

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  1. […] you’ve already listened to this week’s podcast Solarpunk Music to Inspire Action, you’ll know that musician Thomas Cannon suggested that it would be better for the Earth, […]


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