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2.9: Reframing Narratives With Ecocriticism, With Dr Jenny Kerber

Picture of a city, with a brown frame in the centre. Outside of the frame the colour is washed out; inside it is vibrant. Above the frame it reads Reframing Narratives With Ecocriticism, and below the frame it reads With Dr Jenny Kerber. The Solarpunk Presents logo is in the bottom left corner.

In this episode, Ariel discusses the topic of ecocriticism with Dr Jenny Kerber, Associate Professor of English at Wilfrid Laurier University.

What is ecocriticism? Why is it important, especially for environmental activists and solarpunks, as a narrative reframing device? Solarpunks work very closely with speculation and imagination and as architects of the narratives by which we live our lives, it helps to have tools like ecocriticism at our disposal.

Join Ariel and Dr. Kerber to think through terms like “wilderness” and “nature” and “the Anthropocene.” How do we hold on to hope, despite critical engagement with the dark side of our environmental narratives? Tune in to the discussion here.


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