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Podcasts about creating the future we'd like to live in

About Us

As a genre of science/speculative fiction, solarpunk sets stories in a future we’d actually like to live in, a future where we have engaged with the problems we’re facing today and made meaningful progress toward solving them. For how can we get to a better future if we haven’t imagined that it’s a possibility? This is ultimately a project of imaginative expansion to inspire listeners to incorporate solarpunk into their particular presents.

Schedule & Distribution

We generally post bi-weekly (no, not that one. The other one that means once every other week). We post episodes on our Patreon for early-access on the Mondays of the off-week, and then the episode goes into our regular podcast feed the Monday afterwards.

You can find us on all the big podcast distribution platforms (eg Apple, Google, TuneIn, Spotify), and we’re trying to expand out as much as we can to smaller ones; if you use one that we haven’t figured out yet, you can listen here or just directly c+p our RSS feed (

Support the Show

You can support the show by becoming a Patron, or by sharing our podcast with your friends & other solarpunks. Patrons get early access to episodes and occasional bonus material from us, and we’d love eventually to take interview suggestions and crowdsource our topics from our Patrons, once we’ve grown our audience and Patrons sufficiently. You can also make a one-time (or ongoing) donation to the pod via Paypal; help us to cover the cost of hosting, audio editing, recording, equipment, research, &tc.


Land Acknowledgement

This podcast is produced and recorded in part in Germany and the traditional home of the Neutral, Haudenosaunee and Anishinaabe peoples (aka Kitchener, Ontario, Canada). Whose land are you on? You can find out at