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Season 2 Has Launched!

Woot! Our first independent episode is out now!

To kick off Season 2 of Solarpunk Presents, Ariel and I (Christina) laced up our boxing gloves and had a friendly debate about the best place to try to live solarpunk lives: in the city or in the countryside. Is the solarpunk life all about peaceful living in harmony with your neighbors, your garden, and your chickens away from the thrum of the city, or is it all about taking up less space (by living in an apartment), helping out in the community garden, and riding the bus?

Have a listen and let us know what you think on Twitter @SolarpunkP, or Mastodon, or leave us a comment on this post or a review on your podcatcher of choice!

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Ariel’s note: this is a constructed debate, and not necessarily reflective of the opinions of all solarpunks everywhere, but a debate that Christina and I see fairly often in solarpunk spaces, so we wanted to duke it out in a fun and engaging way to provoke thought.

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