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2022 Analytical Laboratory Finalists

Woot! What I have to say is, WOOT!

From time to time I write a science fact article. It takes me a good few weeks. Then I send it in to Analog Science Fiction and Fact and for the most part they humor me and publish it. But, then, that’s mostly that. I get my check, I check the proofs, and then, unless someone writes in a letter, say, taking exception to my starry-eyed explanation of radioactive decay chains, I have no idea if any of the magazine’s readers bothers to slog through the piece. And even then, I have no idea if anyone has enjoyed it.

So, I sort of feel like Sally Field at the Oscars lo those many years ago (probably before most of you were born) because somebodies out there liked my article Evolving Brainy Brains Takes More Than Living on a Lucky Planet. It got voted in as one of the finalists for one of Analog’s reader favorites award. If you click on that link in the title, btw, it’ll take you to a pdf for your reading pleasure. And I do hope it will be a pleasure. And I really, really hope you’ll make my day by giving it a read.

While you’re at it, have a read of Maximum Efficiency, a short story by fellow former editor at Solarpunk Magazine, Holly Schofield. “Maximum Efficiency” is one of five finalists in the best short story category, which is a serious achievement. Analog publishes a lot of stories each year!

WOOT!!!! And double woot! And I may have to even throw in a happy dance!!

Somebody out there read something I wrote and liked it!

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