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2.5: Creating a Solarpunk Society in the Big City with Lindsay Jane

Top portion of picture is a collage on a background of a city grid in green streets and blue spaces. On top of that is a portrait framed by cartoon sunflowers; the picture is of a glamorous white woman with shoulder-length curly green hair, a nose ring, lipstick, and raised eyebrow. There is a circle overtop the bottom right hand corner of the picture; the background is black with yellow text on top "With Lindsay Jane of The Solarpunk Scene" The bottom fifth of the picture is solid black with same-colour yellow text title reading "Creating a Solarpunk Society in the Big City"

On today’s episode, Ariel talks to Lindsay Jane of The Solarpunk Scene, where she discusses her solarpunk life in Toronto, as well as shines a spotlight on solarpunk projects locally and internationally. Lindsay tells us about how she discovered solarpunk and the ways that she lives a solarpunk life in the city – both the upsides (gardens! architecture! effective transit!) and the downsides (sky-high rent, expensive food, difficulty cultivating outdoor gardens). She also emphasizes the importance of getting involved in your local community and politics as a city-dweller, and lets listeners in on the behind-the-scenes inspiration for The Solarpunk Scene: tune in to listen to the episode here.



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